Friday, July 20, 2007


Okay, I think we're all set up now.

This blog actually has a purpose. Its purpose is to discuss issues, feelings, and the like surrounding adoption and, at some point, searching for our birth families.

In what can only be described as an odd moment, while talking in our local coffee shop, Shelly and I discovered we were both adopted as infants. I had just started searching for my birth mother. She had, well... I should let her tell you where she is.

We both already have blogs, but we wanted a place where we could talk specifically about this topic. And, we hope, reach out to others that must be going through some of the same thing, and maybe hear back from some of you.

Apparently, there are many people on Blogger who have thought about starting blogs about adoption, so all the really good URLs were taken. And not used. Seriously. Check out "" for instance. That sort of ticks me off.

But we found something we can agree on, so I'll deal.

Let this serve as an introduction for now... More later... When I have the time, and when Shelly gets her new computer.

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