Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Something Else

It's a struggle to come up with other things to post about. I still haven't heard from my first father. But I did have a weird experience over the weekend.

I went to the county caucus where we were nominating a candidate for Senate. I had, at the local caucus a couple of months ago, put forth a resolution for the party platform. It was to work for opening records for adoptees. I was happy that my local precinct voted unanimously in favor the resolution. So I went to the county caucus in order to help shepherd the resolution forward.

Unfortunately, we could only forward 20 resolutions on to the state convention, and we had 61 resolutions. Mine received many votes, but not enough to go forward. That was disappointing.

I did, however, get elected an alternate delegate to the state convention. So I'm hoping to go pin down state legislators to get them to support open records, whether or not it's in the party platform.

In an odd moment of synchronicity, I met a woman at the caucus. I asked her to vote for my resolution. In talking to her about it, I found out she had relinquished a child for adoption. She was upset to find out that records were sealed. We had a good conversation about open records.

It was, overall, a disappointing day with my resolution failing. But I'm always happy to talk to another person touched by adoption. And maybe I can still do some good at the state convention.

I'm still trying to distract myself from thinking about my first father and his reaction to my letter. As you can tell, it's not working all that well.

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