Tuesday, October 14, 2008

4 years

18, 22, 26, 30
as i have mentioned before, i have made some kind of gesture toward bio-family contact or information every four years since i was legally allowed to. i am on my way to 34 now and the search interest is increasing daily. it's time. it's time to just find out whatever there is to find out and move on to whatever follows. i am, of course, only 33 right now. until june, in fact. and i am a little surprised by my willingness to pursue this plan before my 34th birthday. i tend to be a dash OCD, and with such a solid pattern already established, it would be my standard MO to make myself wait. but that's dumb. i know this.

i talked with my friend kathy last week. she is the person in the world who knows me better than any other person and she agrees that it is time. so, it is time. sometime between today the end of november, i am going to request a bio family search from lutheran social services.

i'll keep you posted. for real.


Anonymous said...

I wish you luck and love and joy on your quest, and a mother and father and great big family who have been waiting these last almost 34 years to see your face and touch your heart.

Be Well,

phil said...


How exciting and nerve-wrecking. E-mail me. I'm available for talking whenever you need to.

I'm thinking of you.