Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hope for Ohio Adoptees

Thanks to Marley at The Daily Bastardette, I found out about HB 7 in Ohio which opens records for all adoptees in Ohio. The bill goes before the House Health Committee tomorrow (Wednesday). (Click on the link to see Marley's write-up and to get more info on the bill.)

It is almost scary to think that things might finally change in Ohio. If they do (and I don't feel like I dare hope at this moment), maybe that will serve as impetus for things to change in other states as well.

I can't be in Ohio tomorrow to testify. I wish that I could. But I sent e-mails to all the members of the committee. (I know e-mail is not a terribly effective way of communicating with politicians, but I don't have time to get a snail mail letter to them. And I had to do something.)

If anyone reading this has Ohio connections, please consider contacting the committee members.

Here's the letter I wrote:

I am writing to you as an Ohio adoptee.

I was adopted by a loving family almost 37 years ago. They have given me the best life they knew how, and I am glad to be a part of their lives.

This past year, I searched for, and found, my biological mother. She was happy that I found her, as she had tried to search for me several years earlier, but had been discouraged from doing so. My parents (my adoptive parents) supported me in my search.

I needed crucial medical information, and that was part of the impetus for my search. But I also needed to know where I came from. Human beings are not governed solely by nurture, nor by nature, but by both. My adoptive parents nurtured me. My biological parents gave me my nature. I needed to know both.

Adoptees are the only citizens of this country that do not have unfettered access to their original birth certificates. These are public records created on the occasion of a very public event (our birth, which was generally attended by many people - doctors, nurses, etc.). We only want what others have access to, knowledge of our origins.

I am writing to you to ask you to support HB 7. I know that both my adoptive parents and my biological parents support me having access to my records. And I believe other adoptees deserve that information as well.

Thank you for your time.



born, adopted, and raised in Ohio


Anonymous said...

pls i'm a birth parents hoping to give our child for adoption do you know of any adoptive parents.

Anonymous said...

any prospective adoptee or adoptive parent can contact me through my email address:ballykally200@yahoo.com

Gershom said...

ballykally - I think thats highly unethical to solicit a child on someones personal blog. ESPECIALLY AN ADOPTEES!! this is just wrong.

phil, if my comment is out of line, please delete at will.