Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas with the family

i am going to write a screenplay. a holiday family type thing. i know, it's been done. done to death. but, as i have told many an anxiety-filled teen or friend at this time of year: it's everyone! it isn't your crazy family. it isn't that you are particularly bizarre as a unit. it's a cultural thing. it's a US thing. there is a reason that all the already-existing "fucked-up-family-christmas" movies are disturbingly popular among the masses. it is a universal US American experience. and i am going to write a screenplay about the absurdity of it all. fiction, of course.

so after another six days of fun-filled family festivities with the family i already have, i am sort of back to wondering: do i really want to risk taking on another one of these?!

the paperwork is done. just have to write a check. but i think i will wait until my dad is out of the hospital. again.

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phil said...

I hear you loud and clear.

If you need anyone to hold your hand while you drop off the check, let me know.