Friday, December 5, 2008

"Is there a history of...?"

I just had a warm-fuzzy moment I just had to share.

I've been having some back issues and had an appointment today with a physical therapist. He was asking me questions about the pain, and I answered them as carefully as possible. And then, at one point, he asked if there was a history of back pain in my family.


I had just exchanged a couple of e-mails with my (first) mom and she told me that she and two of her sisters had had back problems. So I knew the answer to his question!!!

It's these little moments that both make me feel more normal than I ever have and make me realize just how abnormal I felt before.

Mind you, I still have back pain. And that sucks. But it just felt so good to be able to answer that question without my usual song and dance that basically comes to "I don't know."

It's one of those moments so many people probably take for granted, and I finally get to enjoy.


maybe said...

Yes, that's something most people wouldn't think twice about, but for an adoptee it's huge.

shelly said...

that is Huge!! i want that! but it sure will take a lot longer to fill out intake forms at the clinic/hospital!