Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Adoptee Rights: Louisville, KY - July 25, 2010

Just this morning, I realized that I have let way too much time go by without either saying anything about the Adoptee Rights Demonstration or, at the very least, updating the badge in the right-hand column. I need to correct that failure now.

On July 25, 2010 adoptees and their supporters will gather in Louisville, Kentucky for the purpose of demonstrating on behalf of the rights of adoptees. The demonstration is organized to coordinate with annual conference for state legislators. This is an opportunity to raise awareness of discrimination faced by adoptees and help work towards legislation that will restore our rights.

This third annual demonstration is the first that I will finally be able to attend. I have been dying to attend this gathering over the last two years, and my schedule was uncooperative. Now I think the stars have finally aligned and will allow me attend and gather with my fellow adoptees.

I hope that you can join us. If you are an adoptee, or if you support adoptees, I hope you will attend or, if you are unable to attend, might consider supporting our efforts in other ways. Spreading the word about the issue, about the demonstration is one way to help. Writing your legislators, letting them know that there are many people who support adoptee rights is another. There are numerous ways to get involved. I hope that you will consider helping.

If you are interested in the demonstration, please click on the badge to the right. Or follow this link: Adoptee Rights Louisville.

Please support adoptees. We deserve equal treatment.


Adoptee Rights Coalition said...

Thank you very much - can't wait to see you!

lava said...

OMG you are coming!



maybe said...

I hope I can attend this one - it's a pretty easy drive for me.